Welcome Delhi Public Heritage School

Delhi Public Heritage School is a private institution-an English medium co-education School (Level I to VII) run by the Ram Ratan Geeta Trust.
Initially the school began its journey by being affiliated to the local state board in 2017. The school motto, ‘Shall Rise and Shine’ has been effectively used by the children who brought laurels to this institution in various school activities.
The management and staff believe in the pursuit of excellence not only in academics but also in co-scholastic fields. A holistic view is perceived and approached by the staff in the overall development of a child's personality.
Children who enter the portals of the institution are motivated by the dedicated and experienced teachers to discover their own talents and then given every opportunity to develop them. The students are encouraged to participate in various physical activities and sports. Also their creativity is tapped in the fields of art through exhibitions and competitions.

Our Aim:

Students from all cultures, religions and beliefs are welcome to this school. We aim at providing a truly cosmopolitan, national culture, that respects unity in diversity and imparting quality education to nurture a broad minded attitude to all our children. We make sure our children learn to question rationally.

We want that a our student should be recognized by his impeccable behavior and sterling character. Through our learning we aim to instill a set of core values in the child, that would keep him on the right track throughout his life.

Our Facilities